6’6” – 331 lbs. – 5.40e

Has started the past twenty-nine games at left guard for the Seminoles. Massive prospect with excellent height, bulk, and length; carries his weight well. When given the opportunity to attack an opponent’s outside shoulder, can drive his man well off the line of scrimmage. Keeps his feet churning after contact. Has a very strong grip; almost impossible to shed once he has his hands on an opponent. Physically overwhelming blocker who can finish snaps with knockdowns; rarely ends up on the ground himself. More athletic than anticipated given his size; works hard to get out in front of screens or to the second level on run blocks. Not just an obstruction down the field, but can actually engage second-level defenders. Bends his knees well in pass protection despite his height. Uses his arms to get good extension, albeit not on a consistent basis. Exhibits a superb anchor against power rushers. Gets caught bending at the waist too often for a player with his size and length. Lateral agility is generally adequate, but pass protection technique suffers the further he has to travel. Can be victimized by delayed blitzes and unconventional rush combinations. Would benefit from being more patient in pass protection; will overextend and make himself vulnerable to gap-shooting defensive tackles with quick hands. More comfortable anchoring than attempting to prevent rushers from attacking gaps; struggles to recover when he’s beat off the snap, where he exhibits a tendency to get grabby and potentially get flagged for holding. Consequently, despite being built like a right tackle, could be exposed if left on an island against defensive ends and outside linebackers. Benefited from playing between highly-touted left tackle Cameron Erving and 2014 fourth-round pick Bryan Stork. As it stands, however, is one of the most impressive offensive guard prospects in some time, a beautifully-built road grader who offers more range and a better work ethic than most players his size. Overextends a bit too often, but technique is actually pretty good overall as both a run blocker and a pass protector; with further tweaking, has the look of a quality starter at offensive guard.

Games watched: Clemson (’13), Florida (’13), North Carolina St. (’13)

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