6’5” – 300 lbs. – 5.20e

Overall height and weight are adequate for a pro offensive tackle, although Combine measurements will be important to confirm the veracity of the figures listed on A&M’s website. Demonstrates controlled footwork on his kickslide, but remains a bit deliberate in his movements and could get set with a bit more urgency. Nonetheless, does a good job mirroring against speed and possesses the anchor to handle power on most occasions. Bends at the knees and exhibits proper balance and weight distribution. Capable of recovering and repositioning even after beat off the snap. Has the grip strength to sustain blocks for extended periods of time. Asked to pull with some frequency and flashes the athleticism to get out in front of the play, but is more of an obstacle at this point than someone who consistently engages defenders in that capacity. Somewhat susceptible to spin moves. Will get rocked by power from time to time, although he rarely ends up on the ground. Awareness can become an issue at times against overloads, can get sucked inside and leave an edge rusher unblocked, even when the inside man could be passed off to the right guard. Effective wall-off blocker with some range. Doesn’t overpower defenders with his initial punch. Would benefit from time in an NFL strength program; as of now, is a more finesse player than he is a mauler who can generate push in the run game. With additional gains, should increase effectiveness, as his technique is sound with regards to balance, footwork, and positioning; avoids overextending, keeps legs churning after contact, and is athletic enough to make it out to the second level. However, may never develop into a feared player in the run game, as he lacks the killer instinct and aggressive temperament to finish defenders with pancake blocks. Has benefited from Johnny Manziel’s ability to elude rushers, but is nonetheless long, athletic, and refined enough to succeed on the left side. Best pro comparison may be former SEC left tackle and Green Bay Packers 2011 first-round pick Derek Sherrod. Experience at guard and both tackle spots will enhance his draft value. A successful season on the left side in 2014, combined with gains to weight and strength before next year’s Combine should solidify a spot in the first round next May.

Games watched: Alabama (’13), Arkansas (’13), Auburn (’13)

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