6’5” – 315 lbs. – 5.20e

Tall, long-limbed left tackle who carries his weight well. Gets good extension with his arms to keep blockers at bay. Strong grip allows him to sustain his blocks once engaged. Has a powerful initial punch which can overwhelm smaller defenders; capable of knocking down defenders on chip blocks. As a run blocker, keeps his feet churning on contact and can generate some push, even though he tends to have some trouble staying low; for this reason, full potential in the run game remains unrealized, but is nonetheless already an effective player. However, doesn’t consistently seek to dominate defenders; more powerful than nasty. Fairly athletic for his size, but has some trouble beating speed rushers to the edge and is often forced to try and push them wide of the quarterback rather than mirroring them in protection. Capable of chipping a defensive lineman and reaching a second-level player for an additional block. Inconsistent kick-slide; tends to lumber a bit and labors to set up wide, but flashes the ability to do so, albeit on an inconsistent basis. Tends to end up on the ground a bit more often than expected, although the problem tends to be his balance rather than an inability to anchor against power, an area where he looks comfortable. Can be a bit of a waist-bender. Instincts as a left tackle are still developing, likely because 2013 was his first season at the position; can be overwhelmed by additional rushers and can be observed double-teaming an inside rusher when he would be best-served picking up an outside rusher and delegating the inside man to the left guard. Has an interesting blend of finesse and power traits which, combined with his impressive size and underrated athletic ability, should interest teams as a high-upside project. Floor is relatively high as well, considering his prior experience as a guard, offering him a fallback option which would more effectively mask some of the technique/awareness issues evident when he plays on the outside. Probably not much of a zone option except at guard; in an inline, power scheme, would be better-suited to the right side or inside but might eventually be able to survive on the blindside and could very well be drafted with the intention of grooming him for that role.

Games watched: Alabama (’13), Arkansas (’13), Georgia (’13)

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