6’3” – 230 lbs. – 4.80e

Has solid size for a pro quarterback, with a thick build. Willing to stand in the pocket and take a hit to complete a throw; body type sometimes allows him to withstand the first blow. Lacks a great feel in the pocket but is athletic enough to escape when he becomes aware of pressure; keeps his eyes downfield while on the move. Arm strength is more than adequate to push the ball downfield with velocity; has the arm to make all the throws at the pro level. Confident about attacking defenses deep and making throws into tight windows. Throws a tight spiral despite somewhat inconsistent throwing mechanics; alters the release point even in a clean pocket (but gets the ball out quickly.) Applies appropriate touch to his passes. Misses a lot of throws due to poor footwork; needs to be more consistent about stepping into throws and making sure his feet are aligned with his targets. Results on sideline throws are highly inconsistent; also hasn’t been asked to complete many back-shoulder throws or comebacks. Gets lazy with his mechanics and bounces a lot of his short throws. Played in a pass-happy spread offense which inflated his statistics and, more importantly, prevented him from having to turn his back to the defense or go through progressions; nearly all of his targets are to predetermined receivers. Stares down his targets and could get victimized by pro defensive backs early. Didn’t do much work at the intermediate level. Has some experience running the read-option but is more of a battering ram than a threat to break big runs; capable of running through arm tackles; tough style of play should help him win over teammates. Was only a first-year starter in 2013 and has time to sort out mechanical issues in his game. Has the potential to develop into a starting quarterback, but at this point there are too many questions about his footwork, mechanics, and ability to play in a pro-style offense to consider him anything more than a developmental backup with considerable upside. That said, despite all of the aforementioned deficiencies in his game, he highly efficient in his first year as a starter, and there are times when he steps into his throws and fires the sort of accurate passes which should endear him to an offensive coordinator or quarterbacks coach looking for a project.

Games watched: Iowa St. (’13), Oklahoma (’13), Texas Tech (’13)

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