6’2” – 215 lbs. – 4.70e

Extensive starting experience spread over his first three years in college. Overall height and bulk are adequate, but confirming his listed size at the Combine will be important; could stand to add some additional muscle, especially if teams plan on asking him to run the ball as often as he does in college. Operates almost exclusively out of the pistol (and, occasionally, shotgun); rarely begins snaps from under center, making it unclear how well he’ll adjust to turning his back to the defense and making post-snap reads. Willing to climb the pocket versus the outside rush; somewhat mobile, but keeps his eyes downfield rather than committing to running the ball. More likely to elude pass-rushers than to pick up substantial chunks of yardage on the ground. Has done a considerable amount of read-option work, as well as some designed quarterback draws. Capable of making accurate throws while rolling out to his right. Doesn’t take unnecessary risks with the ball; (too?) willing to take the short completion. Fairly quick over-the-top release. Throws a tight spiral with impressive velocity given his throwing mechanics; room for improvement with further development. Applies appropriate touch and exhibits generally good ball placement overall, although he tends to miss high rather than low. Inconsistent footwork on his drops; looks sound on some snaps, robotic on others. Doesn’t transfer his weight effectively on throws, which forces him to rely too heavily on his arm; throwing mechanics are reminiscent of Johnny Manziel’s. Played in a gimmicky, simplistic offense in which he wasn’t asked to make too many reads; tends to stare down his targets. Did a lot of his work over the middle of the field, rather than operating outside the hashes with difficult pro-style throws. Vision as a runner is above-average, but doesn’t always have the athletic ability to capitalize on what he sees. Durability may become a concern given his of bulk and tendency to run the ball. Will need to make the transition to being more of a traditional pocket passer at the next level, while also learning to operate from under center and cleaning up his footwork and throwing mechanics. Doesn’t make it look pretty, but is already an effective player who possesses the upside to become a spot-starter given time.

Games watched: Fresno St. (’13), UCLA (’13), UNLV (’13)

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