6’2” – 221 lbs. – 4.80e

Redshirted in 2010, then appeared in one game at wide receiver in 2011 before succeeding Dominique Davis in 2012; will enter the draft with three years of starting experience. Possesses adequate height and a relatively thick build for a pro quarterback prospect. Operates out of the shotgun. Awkward sidearm/three-quarters motion, albeit with a quick release. Mechanics tend to deteriorate versus pressure, but flashes the ability to climb the pocket given outside pressure. Occasionally runs himself into trouble when his protection is still well-positioned. Footwork is very poor at this stage; throws without setting his feet or transferring weight, which has a deleterious effect on his accuracy. Sprays the ball all over the field; mediocre ball placement downfield somewhat diminishes the value offered by his arm strength. Nonetheless, despite poor weight transfer, gets great velocity on his passes, with a tight spiral; applies appropriate touch. Can fit the ball into tight windows. Confident passer, but a bit of a gunslinger who attempts passes he shouldn’t. Has some experience working through progressions and looking off safeties on his deep throws. Not much of a runner, but does have a little bit of experience carrying the ball on designed runs such as draws or read-option plays; has scored a handful of goal-line touchdowns each year. Reasonably accurate making throws when rolling to his right. Has some upside due to his impressive arm and ability to manipulate defensive backs with his eyes, but his footwork, his weight transfer, and his throwing motion are all in need of significant improvement; additionally, he will need to transition from passing exclusively out of the shotgun to lining up under center. Teams will be forced to determine whether or not his extensive starting experience has fossilized his poor technique, or whether he would be able to make significant strides by working with a pro quarterbacks coach; successfully overhauling his footwork in particular would go a long way toward mitigating his accuracy issues. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that he could develop into a starter, but at this point he projects as more of a career reserve.

Games watched: North Carolina (’13), North Carolina St. (’13), Ohio (’13)

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