6’3” – 221 lbs. – 4.50e

Has a prototypical build for a pro split end prospect, with long arms and impressive strength. Adjusts well to balls thrown away from his frame, with an outstanding catch radius and graceful body control; high-points the ball and works hard to come back to throws rather than waiting for the ball to arrive. Does an excellent job of locating and adjusting to the ball on back-shoulder throws. Was utilized extensively on screens and is an imposing runner for most defensive backs to bring down, with a repertoire which includes shoulder tackles, stiff-arms, and spins. Uses his size well to shield defenders from the ball, both on inside routes and in jump-ball situations; routinely comes down with the contested catch. Despite his bulk, is agile enough to make the first defender miss. Doesn’t run many routes down the field, preferring to gain his yardage after the catch on shorter passes, but gallops in the open field and has the deep speed to turn short throws into long touchdowns. Aware of the sideline and routinely gets his foot down inbounds, even in congested spaces on comebacks or wheel routes. Sets good picks from the slot on route combinations. Contributed as a punt returner during his senior season. Has dropped some accurate passes in traffic; questionable hands result in him double-catching some passes and fumbling the ball away on contact. Can be a bit frustrating to watch because of his tendency to make beautiful catches while dropping routine curls and slants. Runs a few different routes at the intermediate level, but doesn’t sell double-moves particularly well at this point and is forced to make more contested catches than he would otherwise. Could become a deep threat but hasn’t been one with the Huskies. Has the size to develop into a quality blocker, but doesn’t sustain on a consistent basis at this point; needs to be more assiduous in assuming an aggressive demeanor through the whistle. Received a misdemeanor citation in July, then saw his production drop as a junior before a broken bone in his leg brought his season to a premature end in October. Will need to eliminate some of the frustrating concentration drops and lazy routes which plague his game, but can physically overwhelm defensive backs and has the skillset to develop into a number-one receiver.

Games watched: Stanford (’12), Oregon (’13), Stanford (’13)

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