6’0” – 178 lbs. – 4.50e

Lanky boundary receiver who enjoyed a highly-productive season opposite Kelvin Benjamin in the Seminoles’ passing attack last season; could have been even more productive had Jameis Winston noticed him more consistently. Long arms give him an impressive catch radius; is capable of securing throws placed away from his frame. Tracks the ball well over his shoulder. Runs routes to all three levels of the field and over the middle; at the next level, should function best on intermediate/deep routes, including posts, curls, and comebacks. Looks sharp and explosive enough to create separation out of his breaks. Capable of getting open down the field, but mostly because of the way he sets up defensive backs with double-moves; more of a nuanced 4.5 guy than someone whose speed alone creates a threat for opposing secondaries. Exhibits good body control on the sidelines; doesn’t always get the second foot in, but wasn’t required to at the college level. Has some shake after the catch, with his running ability also having been highlighted on occasional reverses. Offers additional value as a quality punt returner. Will need to add some bulk to successfully fight off press coverage at the next level. Gives impressive effort as a blocker, but shouldn’t give pro cornerbacks much trouble until he adds strength. Despite being asked to execute shallow crosses and other routes with inside breaks, doesn’t do a great job of making catches when a hit is imminent; looks more comfortable catching a shallow cross in the open field. Nonetheless, is capable of coming down with catches when a defender is in his hip pocket. Commits the occasional concentration drop. Could do a better job of improvising when the play breaks down rather than continuing his route. Doesn’t look like he’ll be able to handle slot responsibilities without getting injured. Production may have been inflated by playing with an incredible supporting cast. A smart, fluid, reliable receiver with a diverse route-tree and underrated blocking skills, Greene may lack the physical attributes of a true number-one target, but should be able to compete for a number-two job as soon as he fills out his frame, which as of now looks painfully thin.

Games watched: Boston College (’13), North Carolina St. (’13), Pittsburgh (’13)

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