6’4” – 318 lbs. – 5.15e

Started one game at left tackle in 2011, along with the following eight games at right tackle. Worked as a reserve guard in 2012, then started all fourteen games at right tackle in 2013. Knee-bender who gets adequate depth on his kickslide, with the athleticism and lateral agility to defend against opposing speed rushers; movement skills are used to compensate for his lack of ideal length. Great speed; has impressive range as a blocker, with the ability to get out in front of screens or pull in the run game. Can make blocks at the second level. Upside is still considerable given his movement skills, intelligence, and relative lack of experience. Has started one game at left tackle and spent time at guard, neither of which is completely out of the realm of possibility as an ultimate destination given further development. Overall size and bulk are only adequate for an offensive tackle; Combine measurements will be important in confirming his listed height. Would really benefit from a pro strength program. More of a finesse blocker than a mauler; lacks a nasty disposition and can be overwhelmed by power. Wall-off blocker who doesn’t generate push in the run game; doesn’t offer much to teams with power running schemes. Ends up on the ground more often than a nearly 320-pound offensive tackle should; below-average anchor given his frame. Technique in pass protection could use work; athleticism is used to mask a choppy kickslide. More reactive than anticipatory versus stunts and blitzes. Also tends to abandon his fundamentals against wide speed rushes. Inconsistent on a play-to-play basis. Doesn’t sustain blocks well. A bit of a positional ‘tweener; not quite long enough to easily protect the edge, not strong enough to create movement at guard. Has a long way to go, but could end up outperforming his draft position, as he has been restricted to the right side by his more highly-touted teammate, Cameron Erving. Will likely have to begin his career as a swing reserve, but has the potential to break into a starting lineup given time to improve his strength and technique. A low-floor, high-ceiling option for zone-blocking teams on the draft’s third day.

Games watched: Clemson (’13), Florida (’13), North Carolina St. (’13)

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