6’5” – 276 lbs. – 4.80e

Appeared as a reserve over seven games in 2011, then in thirteen in each of the following two seasons, starting seven games as a junior. Plays five-technique on both sides of the Bulldogs’ 3-4 defense, but could go either way as a pro, gaining weight to play left end in four-man fronts or adding some to play in three-man fronts; has previously played at weights ranging from 263 to 284 pounds. Takes the occasional snap out of a two-point stance or inside at tackle. As a run defender, doesn’t always have the gap discipline he should; occasionally goes all-in to rush the passer, leaving his gap unattended. Anchor is a bit inconsistent, but flashes the ability to hold his ground against double-teams thanks to his thick build and long arms. Not likely to drive defenders into the backfield but can generally prevent himself from being blown off the ball. Has advanced instincts/play recognition given his limited starting experience. Can be turned out of the hole; a bit of a waist-bender at times. Lacks the range to pursue tosses and stretch plays to the boundary, although his motor is generally strong in all phases of the game. Needs to do a better job of protecting his legs from cut blocks; can be targeted on screen passes and might initially struggle to defend against zone concepts on rushing attempts. More of a bull-rusher than someone who can win the edge, but can also generate pressure by knifing through inside gaps; also capable of splitting the double-team. Rip move is effective if deliberate; otherwise, lacks a diverse, creative repertoire of rush moves. Mixes in a spin at times but looks lethargic. Has some athleticism but may lack the speed and closing burst to chase down quarterbacks who escape from the pocket; more likely to generate pressure than to finish with a sack. Has trouble if he doesn’t win off the snap. Gets his hands up to contest passing lanes. A bit of a mystery at this point, as physically he lacks the bulk associated with five-technique ends but has been thrust into that role with the Bulldogs and has the skillset associated with the position as opposed to resembling a 4-3 left end playing out of position. Might make sense as a left end in a four-man front which favors the two-gap jumbo ends that have become popular around the league recently. Could really boost his stock with a productive senior season, his first as a full-time starter.

Games watched: Florida (’13), Missouri (’13), Tennessee (’13)

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