6’2” – 220 lbs. – 4.45e

Started four of thirteen games played in 2011, handling primary kick-return responsibilities as well. Started four of eleven games in 2012 while dealing with an injury, then appeared in all fourteen games as a junior. Has lined up all over the formation, including in the slot; plays both on and off the line of scrimmage. Size presents a physical mismatch for cornerbacks; should be able to release at the line. A bit straight-linish but boasts impressive top-end speed; capable of hitting the home run. Has done some work on reverses. Exhibits good vision with the ball in his hands. Tough player, both as a ballcarrier and as a blocker; capable of running through arm tackles. Currently more of an effort blocker than a dominant one, but has the motor and physical attributes to become a quality player in that facet. Long arms give him an impressive catch radius; however, this advantage is somewhat negated by inconsistent hands. Not the sharpest route runner at this point; needs to improve his footwork, his balance, and his explosiveness out of breaks. Also has trouble making contested catches, which could become an issue if he doesn’t gain more consistent separation by improving his route-running and diversifying his route tree. Currently, his repertoire involves a high percentage of routes in which he’s asked to come back to the quarterback (hooks, curls, comebacks), using his body to shield defenders. Also does a lot of work on screens, one aspect of his game which should translate to the next level; however, needs to come back to the ball more consistently rather than taking a passive approach. Has the speed to threaten defenses downfield; a logical option for clearing routes. Underwent shoulder surgery prior to his senior season, which will require further medical investigation. Has a desirable combination of size, length, speed, and strength which give him starting upside, but will have to be eased into the pro game given his lack of seasoning. Fortunately, his value as a ballcarrier provides an avenue by which to make contributions early in his career, whether through kick returns, reverses, or screens. Could hear his name called on the second day depending on not only the success of his senior season, but also how comfortable a team is with their ability to develop wide receivers.

Games watched: California (’13), Oregon (’13), Utah (’13)

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