5T #90 Jonathan Bullard, Florida

6’3” – 283 – 4.95e

Started two games as a freshman, eight as a sophomore, and has been with the first team ever since. Versatile player; typically lines up at the left end spot in Florida’s defensive front, usually operating out of a four-point stance, then sliding into the interior in some pass-rushing situations. Has a thick, somewhat top-heavy build with long arms; carries his weight well and looks the part of a pro five-technique. Gets good arm extension when two-gapping, with a strong anchor which allows him to set up shop at the line of scrimmage. Sets a good edge and can redirect opposing runners back inside. Needs to work on staying low more consistently. Keeps his feet churning when engaged, but could do a better job of using his hands to shed blocks. Isn’t particularly fast but will occasionally pursue plays to the sidelines in the off chance of making a tackle; that said, lacks the stamina to maintain that type of effort on a play-to-play basis. Flashes some burst off the snap. As a pass-rusher, relies heavily on the bull rush; somewhat compensates for his lack of creativity by possessing enough power to walk tackles into the backfield, compressing the pocket. Doesn’t profile as a sack artist; more likely to generate pressure than to finish plays with a sack, lacking the closing burst to finish the job. However, has flashed the ability to penetrate into the backfield and disrupt things when he’s changed things up (by using an overhand swim move, for example.) Has made some strides as a senior, appearing to be in better condition than he did during his junior season, which has noticeably improved his explosiveness, motor, and stamina. Still pretty raw at this point in his development and doesn’t make a ton of plays, but already possesses a pro-style body and can hold his own from a physical standpoint. Upon reaching the NFL, coaches will have to improve his hand use, diversify his repertoire of rush moves (or at least encourage him to work them into his game more often) and determine the best role for him, but he could potentially play a few different spots and should intrigue teams which use multiple defensive fronts or mix one and two-gap principles. Not the consistent disruptor that Dominique Easley was coming out of the same program, but is a bit easier to project to the pro game and has attributes which should earn him a spot somewhere on the draft’s second day.

Games watched: Alabama (’14), Mississippi (’15), New Mexico St. (’15)

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