DE #38 Emmanuel Ogbah, Oklahoma St.*

6’4” – 275 lbs. – 4.75e

Moved to the United States from Nigeria when he was nine. Redshirted his first season and has been a major contributor for the past three years. Usually lines up at right end for the Cowboys, often out of a four-point stance, but does a little bit of everything, including lining up on the inside in some passing situations. Tall, long-limbed base 4-3 defensive end with good musculature; looks like he has the frame to accommodate additional bulk, especially in his lower body. Height occasionally leads to problems with leverage which allow offensive linemen to redirect him; in crowded rushing lanes, can be pinballed by opposing lines. Heavy-handed player who can toss blockers aside, but doesn’t remember his hands on every snap and could play with more consistent arm extension to take advantage of his length. Gives good effort in backside pursuit, with the speed to make it to the sideline. A little bit too aggressive, with average instincts; often loses containment on the edge and would benefit from being more patient, especially against the run. Can be stood up and let his feet go dead on contact. Potential is there to become a solid run defender if he becomes more disciplined, as he anchors fairly well and, as mentioned before, can stack and shed effectively (albeit inconsistently.) As a pass-rusher, exhibits a high motor and impressive closing speed; uses his long arms to finish quarterbacks in the backfield. However, can be a bit stiff as an edge rusher and end up getting steered past the quarterback, or provide a lane for opposing passers to escape through; frequently has to double back because he didn’t sufficiently bend the corner. At his best, however, uses his explosiveness to win the edge, works a rip or swim move in to disengage, and can close quickly for the sack or hit. Also disruptive when contesting passing lanes with his hands. Has a very appealing combination of height, length, explosiveness, and effort, but needs to improve his technique on a snap-to-snap basis in order to reach his potential; too often he forgets to use his arms, hands, and feet, especially as a run defender. Nonetheless, should end up coming off the board within the first two rounds, as he plays a premier position and many of the flaws in his game could be addressed with coaching. Best fit will come as a defensive end in a four-man front, where in a best-case scenario he could conceivably develop into a team’s top pass-rusher.

Games watched: Florida St. (’14), Central Michigan (’15), Kansas St. (’15)

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