DE #97 Joey Bosa, Ohio St.*

6’6” – 275 lbs. – 4.75e

Has started for the Buckeyes in each of the past three seasons. Tall with long limbs, a muscular build, and even weight distribution; looks like he has the frame to carry additional weight. Lines up at defensive end in the Buckeyes’ even defensive front, alternating between the left and right sides of the line. Slides inside to tackle sometimes and looks very dangerous there. Blows up a ton of plays in the backfield. Disciplined player who remembers his responsibilities; sets the edge and is patient in backside contain. Good awareness to track ballcarriers while engaged. Can reestablish the line of scrimmage and create congestion by controlling his man. Gets good extension with his arms and can shed blocks effectively and make tackles while engaged. Bulldozes tight ends and fullbacks. Powerful tackler with some explosiveness. Gives some effort in pursuit but isn’t really fast enough to chase opponents to the sidelines. Despite his lack of production as a junior, is a polished pass-rusher with a pro-ready skillset. High-motor rusher who usually gets off the snap quickly. Very athletic for his size and can bend the edge smoothly when rushing the passer; dips the shoulder and can beat opposing tackles to the corner. However, occasionally gets too aggressive and will slip to the ground. Has active feet and plenty of natural strength to generate push with his bull-rush. Works swim and rip moves into his game successfully; cycles through rushes enough to keep opponents guessing. Despite his ability, however, doesn’t attract the sort of blocking attention that other top defensive line prospects have drawn; frequently just one offensive linemen is assigned to block him. When he’s unable to reach the quarterback, gets his hands up in an attempt to bat down passes. Makes zone drops a few times per game; looks surprisingly technically sound for a player of his size, although he’s only responsible for defending a short area. Hasn’t had the sack production people expected, but shows up consistently on tape. While he lacks the bulk of J.J. Watt, the player he’s most often compared to, he too has the look of someone who teams can build their defensive front around. Whether he ends up playing on the end of an even or odd defensive line seems to be more a matter of preference than anything, although he’d likely be asked to add at least ten to fifteen pounds of bulk to play on a three-man line; may be best in a two-gap scheme. Looks like as good a candidate as any to be the top pick in 2016.

Games watched: Indiana (’15), Penn St. (’15), Rutgers (’15)

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