DE #59 Jordan Jenkins, Georgia

6’3” – 253 lbs. – 4.75e

Team captain who has started for all but half of his freshman season. Athletic edge rusher with a muscular, athletic frame and adequate height; has experience rushing out of two, three, and four-point stances from both sides of the defense (typically plays left end.) Physical, high-motor player who plays through the whistle and will pursue screens to the sidelines. Plays low and wins the leverage battle. Favors the bull rush and does a nice job of converting his speed to power; can overwhelm opposing tackles in one-on-one matchups and often draws extra attention from offenses, creating opportunities for his teammates. More likely to attack an opponent’s inside shoulder than to attempt to win the edge. Gets off the line quickly; can knife through the offensive line and disrupt rushing plays in the backfield. Occasionally lines up as more of an interior rusher, utilized on stunts. Can get depth as an outside rusher and redirect smoothly toward the quarterback, using his strength to walk back offensive tackles; more powerful when working downhill. Flashes an impressive closing burst to the quarterback, finishing his rushes. Has relied a bit too heavily on his physical attributes, however, and must incorporate additional rush moves and counters; other than effective yet underutilized rip and swim moves, flashes a spin counter on deep rushes from time to time, but needs to be more sudden and violent when attempting it. On rushes where he’s unable to reach the quarterback, gets his hands up to contest passing lanes. Has a reasonable anchor but is stronger in the upper body. Occasionally attempts to get penetration inside and sacrifices the edge on outside rushing attempts. Tends to get caught on blocks from tight ends in motion; needs to do a better job of anticipating and using his hands to shed blocks. Also has some trouble with balance; looks like he’s playing on skates at times. Sometimes drops into zone coverage, where he looks relatively smooth; learning curve for a role as an edge rusher in an odd defense should be relatively shallow. Lacks freakish measurables, but is a well-rounded player who should be able to rush the passer in either defensive front, defend the run adequately, and drop into coverage from time to time; has the strength, toughness, and football IQ to step into a starting lineup and make contributions early, although teams may feel that he’s more of a complementary rusher and allow him to slip into the second round of the draft.

Games watched: Tennessee (’14), Alabama (’15), Vanderbilt (’15)

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