DT #75 Andrew Billings, Baylor*

6’2” – 310 lbs. – 5.05e

Started the final two games of his freshman season at nose tackle and took over the starting job in a full-time basis in 2014. Plays nose tackle on the Bears’ even defensive front. Has average height and length with a very thick build; looks bigger than his listed weight, but perhaps shorter than his listed height. Probably lacks the frame to accommodate additional mass. Freakish from an athletic standpoint, considered one of the strongest players at the college level; accomplished in the weight room and translates that strength to the field. Exhibits an impressive motor with a violent playing style. Has active, nimble feet for a man his size. Reacts quickly to the ball being snapped. Gets low, jolts opponents with his hands to knock them back, and can blow centers and guards off the line when he’s at his most disruptive. Closes well for a man of his size; explosive mover who can bull rush opponents into the backfield or threaten quarterbacks when he finds an open lane. Aside from his overwhelming bull-rush, would benefit from integrating more moves into his repertoire; more likely to attempt to find an open lane to rush through than to create his own with an initial move. Will use a swim move from time to time with some success, but it isn’t something he incorporates into his game as much as he could. Hasn’t been incredibly productive as a rusher, but that may be because of the emphasis opponents place on neutralizing him. At his best when allowed to collapse the pocket, but has the ability to anchor effectively as well. Displays good awareness in the run game, with the hand use to shed blocks and make plays. Can toss smaller blockers aside. Extends his arms well to maintain separation. Draws extra attention from blockers on a regular basis; rarely ends up on the ground even against multiple blockers. Overextends a bit from time to time, but generally plays with good balance. Flows well to the ball. Will pursue plays the sidelines, although he’s rarely if ever the first person there. Is an absolute handful with a great combination of bulk, strength, explosiveness, and relentlessness which should secure him a spot high in the first round if he declares. Could start at either defensive tackle position in an even front, preferably in a two-gap scheme, and is a dangerous enough pass-rusher to remain on the field on third downs; in an odd front, may lack the length to play on the end but should get plenty of looks as a nose tackle, too.

Games watched: Kansas (’15), Rice (’15), West Virginia (’15)

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