DT #86 A’Shawn Robinson, Alabama*

6’4” – 312 lbs. – 5.20e

Started two of thirteen games as a freshman and has been working with the first team over the past two seasons. Tall with a very thick, strong build, even weight distribution, and perhaps average length; definitely has the look of a pro lineman. Typically plays right end in Alabama’s odd defensive front, sliding inside when the team operates out of a four-man line. Draws lots of extra attention as a run defender, creating opportunities for his teammates to make plays. Anchors effectively, even holding up fairly well against double-team blocks. Almost never ends up on the ground. Locates the ball pretty well overall, losing track only periodically while preoccupied with an opposing offensive lineman. Has some lateral quickness to scrape down the line and pursue plays; motor is limited more by stamina than by desire. Reliable tackler with a strong grip. Must extend his arms more consistently, but is able to create problems because of his sheer size and strength. Sacrifices some of his power by getting too upright. Jolts linemen with his hands. Gets caught on blocks from time to time and could be more active with his hands to stack and shed; works in moves from time to time, but hasn’t really been asked to shoot gaps as a member of Nick Saban’s disciplined defensive fronts. When he does play with proper extension, however, exhibits the ability to control interactions and ragdoll opposing linemen. Looks like a prime candidate to be taken off the field on passing downs. Capable of pushing the pocket a bit, with more explosiveness off the line of scrimmage than anticipated; will walk blockers back and can even bend the edge a little bit but might lack the speed and closing burst to finish plays with sacks at the next level. Almost all of his tackles come versus the run. Gets his hands up to contest passing lanes. Has made some special-teams contributions on kick-block units. Not a sexy prospect by any means, but should end up going in one of the first two rounds, as he is a well-coached player with an outstanding physical profile and two years of starting experience in exactly the type of scheme he fits best in, limiting the amount of projection teams will have to do in order to determine his role. Needs some work on his arm extension and hand use and may never be a major contributor on passing downs, but makes a lot of sense for teams especially concerned with run fits or hoping to cover up athletic linebackers with mammoth defensive linemen.

Games watched: Georgia (’15), Texas A&M (’15), Wisconsin (’15)

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