RG #78 Landon Turner, North Carolina

6’4” – 325 lbs. – 5.30e

Redshirted in 2011, then started four games at right guard in 2012 before taking over the full-time role in 2013. Also takes some snaps on the left side. Has a very thick build for a guard prospect, with adequate height and length; might be a little bit shorter than his listed height. Very strong and physical lineman with a desirable on-field temperament. Alert player who works hard through the whistle and will try to secure a second block after he’s finished his first assignment. Really shines in the run game. Dominates on a regular basis, picking up plenty of pancakes throughout the course of a game. Sustains better in the run game and has active feet once engaged; drives defenders out of the hole consistently and works to fall on his man. Works frequently on double-team blocks and is often asked to chip one defender before blocking another. Athleticism is just average but has demonstrated the ability to execute hook blocks and works hard to get to the second level and engage defenders on the move. Has some experience pulling, usually to the left side of the line. Obviously more of an inline blocker, but works in a scheme which has asked him to make some athletically-demanding blocks as well. Mentally and technically advanced pass-protector who knows his responsibilities and remembers the fundamentals. Has good awareness in blitz pickup, with the ability to anchor easily against power. Will stonewall defenders who attempt to bull-rush him. Has a strong punch and creates a lot of pop on contact to disrupt rushers. Generally a consistent pass protector, but has some struggles against athletic, gap-shooting tackles despite better lateral agility than his size would suggest. Will fall off some blocks in pass protection because of his length limitations. Probably not a candidate to slide over to tackle in an emergency; likely limited to guard in the pros, and some teams may consider him a less-than-ideal option for a zone-blocking scheme as well. A very advanced fifth-year senior with over three years of starting experience, Turner should appeal to inline teams seeking a plug-and-play starter at right guard. From a mental standpoint, a physical standpoint, and a technical standpoint, he already looks ready to contribute at the pro level, projecting as a run-game mauler and adequate pass-blocker. Lack of freakish athleticism will likely relegate him to the second day, where he figures to be one of the top guards off the board.

Games watched: Pittsburgh (’14), Duke (’15), South Carolina (’15)

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