RT #74 Vadal Alexander, Louisiana St.

6’6” – 329 lbs. – 5.30e

Started nine of thirteen games at right tackle as a freshman, then transitioned to left guard for two years before moving back outside as a senior in 2015. Gargantuan inline right tackle with long limbs and a thick build; even weight distribution throughout his body, carried fairly well. Struggles to protect the edge against speed; depth in his kickslide isn’t quite enough and has to abandon his technique at times in order to have a shot at defending the edge. Thickness and length help a bit, but is often relegated to observer status against explosive rushers. Struggles to place his hands on the initial punch. When engaged, however, gets good arm extension and anchors with ease against power; almost never allows himself to be walked into the backfield. Sustains blocks pretty well and plays with good balance as a pass protector if he’s able to avoid covering a significant amount of distance. That said, still looked like a turnstile at times even at the guard position. Gets a little bit passive when he doesn’t have a man to work on; watches too many plays. Balance can be an issue; can be a little bit of a leaner as a run blocker, or lose battles by playing on his heels when pass-rushers convert speed to power effectively. Has some burst upfield but isn’t overly athletic; works to get to the second level but doesn’t often engage a defender there. Has plenty of power and flashes the ability to dominate, but generally doesn’t blow opponents off the line, as his footwork is a little bit plodding and he seems to lack a consistent killer instinct. Looked much better blocking on rushing attempts as a guard, where he was consistently able to turn defenders out of the hole, flattening them a handful of times per game. Creates a considerable obstruction when executing cut blocks because of his size, but struggles to secure blocks on angles and finishes too many snaps without blocking someone, because of his athletic limitations and seemingly because of some issues with awareness. Has an ideal combination of height, bulk, and length and was playing out of position as a senior; his four years of starting experience in the SEC, two each at guard and tackle, should help him earn consideration in the second round. May never be an effective pass protector, even on the inside, but can control interactions when he gets his hands on an opponent, clearing them out of gaps.

Games watched: Auburn (’14), Alabama (’15), Mississippi St. (’15)

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