RT #74 Germain Ifedi, Texas A&M*

6’6” – 335 lbs. – 5.25e

Redshirted in 2012. Started all thirteen games at right guard as a freshman, then eleven games at right tackle as a sophomore, the position he’s remained at ever since (aside from the occasional snap on the inside.) Tall with long arms and a very thick build, having added over twenty pounds since his freshman season; from a physical standpoint, looks ready to contribute in the pro game. Aggressive player with a nasty temperament; however, often looks a little bit sloppy on the field from a technical perspective. Can generate push in the run game; gets good extension as a run blocker and keeps his legs moving. Attacks the outside shoulder and can control opponents when he does so. Wins the battle as soon as he’s got his hands on opponents. At his best, exhibits the ability to blow defenders well off the line of scrimmage. Plays through the whistle. Quick enough to chip his man and get out to the second level to secure a block. Looks athletic in pass protection, albeit not very smooth or natural. Has nimble feet in pass protection, but can let his kickslide get a little bit sloppy with distance. Nonetheless, is capable of getting depth against the speed rush, with the thickness and length to make winning the edge difficult for opponents. Strong enough to jolt defenders with his initial punch, or knock them off-course. Generally anchors well against power, but can be knocked backward when he’s not able to set a solid base. Needs to play with more consistent balance; will overextend or let his head drop on contact, falling off of too many blocks. Average ability to sustain blocks versus counter-moves. Susceptible to inside moves. Will also need to improve his awareness; idles on a few plays per game where it looked like it was his responsibility to block someone. Not nearly as polished as recent Aggies products Jake Matthews and Cedric Ogbuehi, but is easily the biggest and strongest of the bunch, with enough athleticism to stick on the outside. Prior starting experience on the inside is a plus, as it might offer him a way to mask some of his technical deficiencies while developing. That said, his three years in the lineup may work against him, as he looks less refined than he should at this stage in his development. Should get plenty of looks toward the end of the first round because of his size, strength, versatility, and athleticism, but might end up on the inside if he can’t iron out the flaws in his game. Potential to dominate in the run game could make him a strong pro guard.

Games watched: Alabama (’14), South Carolina (’14), Mississippi (’15)

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