LT #74 Jack Conklin, Michigan St.*

6’6” – 325 lbs. – 5.10e

Former walk-on who started thirteen games as a swing tackle as a redshirt freshman, then all thirteen at left tackle as a sophomore; would be leaving school with three years of starting experience. Does a little bit of work as an extra tackle in jumbo sets. Has a prototypical combination of height and weight, with long arms; may be a bit taller than your average guard, but certainly looks the part of a pro lineman. Relatively advanced from a mental standpoint, working in a sophisticated, pro-style offense. Has a desirable, nasty on-field temperament. Scrappy run-blocker who will fight through the whistle; opportunistic enough to capitalize on off-balance opponents by securing pancake blocks. Doesn’t always make it look pretty; gives good effort to complete his assignment, but ends up on the ground a bit too frequently by overextending himself. Asked to execute a lot of hook blocks; has adequate short-area quickness for that role. Reliable cut-blocker. Very effective when blocking down on the inside, working well with teammates on tandem blocks. Can control opponents once he’s got his hands inside; has a strong grip. Generates some pop on contact. Keeps his feet churning and can create a bit of push on zone blocks by attacking the outside shoulder. Works hard to get to the second level and has the strong punch and explosiveness to dominate linebackers and defensive backs. Also does a solid job in pass protection, although some teams may look at him as a right tackle conversion candidate, or even as a guard. Exhibits a strong anchor when balanced. Assignment-sound player who usually picks up the right rusher. Looks adequate from an athletic perspective. Can get enough depth in his kickslide to defend the edge, with good arm extension. Quick enough to chip one opponent before engaging another. Balance becomes an issue too frequently; will end up on the ground or get caught bending at the waist because he’s being too aggressive. Can struggle to place his initial punch and end up out of position to engage his man. More susceptible to inside moves than speed rushes. A very tough, physical tackle with great size, Conklin has the look of a plus run blocker at the pro level, with the length, technique, and track-record to stick on the outside as a pass protector. Could get looks all over the line and won’t necessarily have to change positions, but might be best as a right tackle. Doesn’t have much more to prove at the college level and should come off the board in the first round.

Games watched: Baylor (’14), Ohio St. (’14), Oregon (’15)

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