LT #78 Jason Spriggs, Indiana

6’7” – 305 lbs. – 5.20e

Has been starting at left tackle for the Hoosiers since his freshman season in 2012; will graduate having been a four-year starter in a major conference. Tall with even weight distribution and adequate bulk, although his arms may be a bit shorter than average; for functional purposes, will probably be asked to gain considerable bulk and strength once he’s in a pro strength program. Does a lot of his work on angles and would be most natural in a zone-blocking scheme. Often executes double-team blocks. Capable of down-blocking, attacking an opponent’s outside shoulder, and pushing them out of gaps in the run game. Can chip one defender and work to secure a block on another. Has a good work rate, playing through the whistle. However, is not a very strong or physical player; more workmanlike than nasty. Doesn’t generate much push. Often loses the leverage battle and lets his feet go dead on contact. Despite being more of a zone-blocking option, doesn’t successfully cut-block opponents very often. Hasn’t been asked to get to the second level too often and doesn’t consistently secure blocks when asked to do so, usually chasing opponents around. Ability to sustain is somewhat lacking. Pretty technically-sound pass protector who gets good arm extension and is able to maintain his technique. Doesn’t make many mental errors. Can get enough depth with his kickslide to contest the edge, although he’s not overly agile or athletic and will probably be asked to play on the right side at the pro level. Handles speed better than power and can be knocked off-balance or ragdolled by explosive rushers. Struggles to sustain against opponents with active hands. Doesn’t place his initial punch consistently. Whiffs on far too many blocks; not a very consistent protector. Sustained a neck injury as a junior which will require further medical evaluation at the Combine, although he has been durable both before and since then. A prospect whose physical profile and extensive big-conference experience are appealing, but who is not consistent, physical, or athletic enough to recommend too highly. Best fit will likely come as a right tackle in a finesse zone-blocking scheme, where his average athleticism will be better-suited; however, teams should not expect him to create much push in the run game, where he seems ill-suited both physically and temperamentally to have much of an impact. Has to make it on the outside, as he’s too tall to slide in to guard. Could go on the second day if a team is desperate, but may not be anything more than a dirty starter.

Games watched: Ohio St. (’15), Rutgers (’15), Southern Illinois (’15)

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