LT #71 John Theus, Georgia

6’6” – 303 lbs. – 5.15e

Started all fourteen games at right tackle in 2012, then eight of thirteen games in 2013. Took over the left tackle position in 2014 and has started there since. Has a somewhat dumpy body; tall, but looks top-heavy and not particularly muscular. Will be asked to gain some bulk and improve his overall build. Arms may be a bit shorter than average for a player of his height. Assignment-sound, but isn’t always able to execute. Not a technically-sound player; looks very unrefined for a player with his amount of experience. Battler whose play looks consistently ugly. Gets enough depth in his kickslide to contest the edge, and can place his hands to steer opponents wide of the pocket. Generally places his hands pretty well. Very susceptible to inside moves; often forced to resort to grabbing as defensive ends blow past him into the backfield. Walked back into the pocket too easily. Has a relatively thin lower body and can be overwhelmed by power; will need to develop a more even build in a pro strength program. Poor balance; doesn’t keep his feet under himself on a regular basis. Will often lower his head into contact and get embarrassed by speed. Struggles to cut defenders on screen passes. Works hard through the whistle. More of a wall-off blocker in the run game. Has some ability to sustain blocks, but doesn’t exhibit a particularly aggressive temperament and needs to keep his feet moving more consistently in order to generate push. When he does, showcases some power in the run game, especially when attacking the outside shoulder. Has enough athleticism to get out in front of screens or tosses. Gives good effort but will often whiff when attempting to engage moving targets. Falls off too many blocks because of poor positioning or balance. Ends up on the ground too often. A battle-tested four-year SEC starter who has worked on the blindside for two years and the right side for the two preceding that, Theus has an appealing resume and enough height to stay on the outside, but he will have to improve nearly every aspect of his game in order to develop into a functional starter at the pro level. His lower body and overall build are below-average, and his technique and balance issues are glaring for a player with his amount of experience in a quality program. Not really well-suited to guard because of his physical profile and lack of power; might be best as a right tackle in a zone-blocking scheme, but is probably more of a number-three tackle in an ideal situation.

Games watched: Clemson (’14), South Carolina (’14), Tennessee (’14)

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