LT #78 Kyle Murphy, Stanford

6’7” – 301 lbs. – 5.20e

Started two of fourteen games played as a freshman, playing twenty-five snaps per game as a jumbo tight end and swing tackle; appeared in the same capacity as a sophomore before taking over the starting right tackle position as a junior. Shifted to left tackle as a senior after Andrus Peat left for the pros. Tall with a thick build, even weight distribution, and average arm length; already looks the part of a pro offensive tackle. Has a good on-field temperament and work rate; scrappy and competitive player who fights to stick with his man through the whistle. Doesn’t make many mental mistakes in blitz pickup. Gets enough depth in his kickslide to protect the edge, although his technique wanes the further he’s asked to go. Capable of defending against inside moves. Good hand fighter with an accurate punch and a strong grip. Can anchor when he’s in position but tends to get knocked off-balance more easily than his frame would indicate; bends his knees, but overall footwork and technique often looks sloppy, allowing him to get walked back into the pocket too frequently. Asked to get out in front of screens on occasion; demonstrates the ability to reach defenders at the second level, but can lose track of how far down the field he is. Not quite a road-grader in the run game; will work through the whistle and can turn some opponents out of the hole but doesn’t always generate much movement. Flashes a killer instinct when given the opportunity; can drive second-level players off the ball and finish snaps with pancakes. Sustains well, but lets his hands get outside too often; has been able to get away with it at the college level but will have to be more careful when he reaches the pros. Despite his lack of ideal speed and agility, can be seen way downfield looking for blocks on some snaps. Would probably work best as an inline right tackle in order to mask his average athleticism; however, despite a fairly ugly style of play, was able to get the job done pretty consistently at the college level, even when asked to protect the blindside as a senior. Starting experience on both sides of the line and as a jumbo tackle should be attractive to teams, although he may be a strict right tackle, as not many offensive guards are as tall as he is. A pretty good bet to come off the board sometime in the second round, as plug-and-play offensive linemen with size are always in high demand.

Games watched: Notre Dame (’14), Northwestern (’15), Southern California (’15)

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