LT #78 Laremy Tunsil, Mississippi*

6’5” – 305 lbs. – 5.15e

Started nine games at left tackle as a true freshman, then eleven games in the following year, missing contests against Auburn and Presbyterian with a partially torn bicep. Broke his leg in the Peach Bowl as a sophomore. Underwent offseason ankle surgery prior to 2015. Plays left tackle for the Rebels. Has a thick build with long arms and good weight distribution; looks a little bit bigger in his upper body. In the running game, is mobile enough to lead block on a screen or get to the second level and engage a defender, but isn’t an athletic freak like some recent top tackle prospects. That said, does get up to speed faster than anticipated for a man of his size. Can control opponents when he gets his hands on them; possesses excellent grip strength to sustain blocks. More of a wall-off blocker than a dominant drive blocker; works hard through the whistle, but doesn’t look particularly mean or aggressive. Controlled footwork in his kickslide; does a nice job of getting depth and repeating his technique. Plays with good balance; gets low, keeps his back straight, and avoids lunging. Doesn’t have to abandon his technique against top rushers. Gets good extension with his arms. Has a strong lower body and can anchor easily against power; stonewalls attempted bull-rushes. In situations where his side is overloaded, is big and strong enough to obstruct multiple defenders. Very difficult to get around with speed because of his thickness; doesn’t have exceptional lateral agility, but is long and wide enough that he does a good job of staying in front of opponents. Handles counter-moves well. Has a strong punch to knock defenders off-balance. Needs to improve his recognition skills; can get caught blocking down and allow unblocked edge rushers to create pressure. Somewhat susceptible to inside moves, lacking the recovery speed to compensate. Is given a little bit more help via double-team blocks than most top tackles. Didn’t have a great showing against Carl Lawson, being flagged multiple times and allowing more pressure than a top prospect should. Very technically-sound left tackle with a strong lower body and enough athleticism to handle speed on an island. Looks like he has the skills to play on the blindside at the pro level, although he’s not as physically or athletically gifted as most top tackle prospects, and doesn’t dominate in the run game. Will also require investigation into previous injuries and arrest/benefits issues as a junior.

Games watched: Alabama (’14), Auburn (’15), Texas A&M (’15)

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