RB #2 Derrick Henry, Alabama*

6’3” – 242 lbs. – 4.50e

Worked into the rotation in 2013, then started two games and saw his role expand significantly as a true sophomore in 2014 before taking over as the full-time starter this year. Tall, thick back who fits the physical profile of a workhorse back at the pro level; has a very developed upper body. Fairly straight-linish back who takes a lot of his handoffs out of shotgun formations, whether from a starting position next to or behind the quarterback; a decisive downhill runner who builds momentum. Has good vision and will take what the offensive line gives him; recognizes cutback lanes. Fast enough to get to the edge and has the deep speed to break off big runs and can skinny through small creases in the line. Height tends to work against him at times; runs a bit upright and has trouble protecting his lower body, taking some shots from defenders. Creates pop on contact and tends to fall forward at the end of his runs, but is often brought down by the first defender with a shot at him, even in situations where a power runner would be expected to break free. Won’t often lower the shoulder and steamroll opponents in his way. Has a little bit of wiggle, but doesn’t evade many tacklers; tries to work some jump-cuts into his game, but is at his best when stiff-arming opponents near the sidelines. Stays in the game on third-downs. Has handled some diverse blocking responsibilities in both the running and passing games. Often asked to lead the way on sweeps; gives good effort to cut second-level opponents, with some success. As a pass protector, exhibits good awareness and effort in blitz pickup, but despite having a desirable frame for a blocking back, tends to get knocked off-balance on contact and could stand to improve his positioning as well. Used as a receiving option with limited success, usually via delayed screens or swing passes out of the backfield; sells fakes pretty well, but will let some routine passes clang off his hands and is hardly an accomplished receiver. Not the type of back who lines up out wide as a receiving option on a regular basis, but might present some interesting matchups if a creative coach options to try him in that capacity. A big back with the vision, explosiveness, and versatility to start for a one-cut or power offense, but who is a bit more finesse than his size would suggest and whose combination of height and an upright running style may create injury concerns at the next level, Henry is nonetheless likely to come off the board within the first two rounds on draft day after dominating SEC competition this season.

Games watched: Mississippi (’15), Texas A&M (’15), Wisconsin (’15)

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