WR #1 Laquon Treadwell, Mississippi*

6’2” – 210 lbs. – 4.55e

Started twelve games in the slot as a true freshman, then started eight of nine games on the outside in 2014 before sustaining a broken fibula and dislocated ankle. Lines up on the outside of Mississippi’s offense, almost exclusively to the left of the formation. Tall, long-limbed receiver who really looks the part of an outside player at the pro level; has a strong build, but weight has fluctuated. Very intelligent player with plus intangibles. Good hand use at the line allows him to release cleanly. Could stand to diversify his route tree, although his repertoire already includes patterns to different depths, both inside and outside of the numbers; commonly employed on screens, comebacks, curls, and in routes, predominantly at the short and intermediate levels. Long-strider who has the speed to challenge defenses downfield but creates separation more because of his route-running than because of his athleticism; that said, isn’t always wide-open and has to make some difficult grabs. Very flexible player with good body control. Able to come down with contested catches thanks to his competitiveness, length, and leaping ability. Tracks the ball well over his shoulder. Catch radius is very wide, but will drop some passes he should come down with; not as reliable as you’d expect a top receiving prospect to be, but can make some circus catches away from his frame. Works hard to make blocks down the field; stalks well and can secure blocks on defensive backs on a consistent basis. Sustains well and has a competitive demeanor, even when he’s not getting the ball, frequently working as the team’s lead blocker. Gains a lot of yards after the catch. Not a particularly explosive player on screens, but possesses good vision and determination as a runner. Capable of making the first man miss. Doesn’t shy away from contact; will lower the shoulder to pick up extra yardage. Physical style may worry teams, especially in light of the broken leg and dislocated ankle he sustained as a sophomore. Production suffered by playing for a quarterback who didn’t look his way as often as he should have, and who missed him on a few occasions. Isn’t the physical freak some previous top receivers have been, but is a very savvy player with impressive height, length, competitiveness, and physicality and should be considered a potential number-one target at the pro level, especially in a West Coast offense, which would accentuate his strengths and mask some of his weaknesses.

Games watched: Alabama (’14), Auburn (’15), Florida (’15), Vanderbilt (’15)

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