CB #2 Will Redmond, Mississippi St.

6’0” – 186 lbs. – 4.50e

Was sidelined for the eighteen games of his collegiate career after accepting improper benefits, then played extensively in a reserve capacity over the remaining eight games the following season. Worked as the team’s nickel back as a junior before taking over on the outside this year. Looks adequate from a physical standpoint; has average height, length, and a slightly thicker build than usual. Probably a little bit smaller than his listed size. Works on the outside of a defense which emphasizes both man and zone responsibilities. Does some work in press-man coverage; however, must be more consistent with his hand placement. Has been asked to line up on the outside and backpedal like a traditional cornerback; appears comfortable working backwards, with good balance and clean footwork. Looks good changing directions; quick to react and can stick with more agile receivers on whip routes, although there is some wasted motion to his play. Fast enough to carry wide receivers downfield. Can use the boundary to his advantage, constraining the amount of space available to opposing receivers. Generally has good instincts and will jump some short routes, but can get caught peeking into the backfield and let wide receivers get behind him. Sometimes looks indecisive when asked to commit to a course of action in zone coverage, leaving both receivers open. Wasn’t targeted extensively in the games reviewed, but when he’s in position to make a play on the ball, showcases good timing and soft hands. Sometimes asked to rush off the edge. Burst and timing as a blitzer are impressive; can bend and bring down backs quickly. Has a feisty on-field temperament. Pursues enthusiastically and does a nice job of working his way through trash, but is a poor tackler who tends to resort to dives and arm tackles, resulting in blown attempts which cost his defense yardage; can get a little bit out of control, leading to sloppy play. Was suspended for one game as a junior, supposedly for academic reasons. Additionally, will have medical concerns to address after tearing his ACL as a senior. Because ACL injuries are not as serious as they once were, and because his suspensions were college-specific, he may represent a solid second-day value for teams which are willing to gamble on his competitiveness, quickness, and man-coverage ability.

Games watched: Louisiana St. (’15), Louisiana Tech (’15), Southern Mississippi (’15)

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