CB #2 Mackensie Alexander, Clemson**

5’11” – 195 lbs. – 4.45e

Redshirted in 2013 after sustaining a preseason injury; started thirteen games the following year, allowing just twenty of fifty-seven attempts in his direction to be completed and going the final nine games without allowing a touchdown (ceded two total on the season.) Reprised his starting role as a redshirt sophomore. Really looks the part of a boundary cornerback, with solid height, good length and a muscular build. Asked to do a variety of different coverages, lining up as a press man corner on one snap and well off the line on the next. Shifts inside to the slot to shadow opposing number-one receivers. Also does a little bit of zone work aligned tight to the line against formations lacking a player split out on his side of the field. Doesn’t do a lot of backpedaling; almost always either shuffles or turns and runs with his man. Has a pretty aggressive coverage temperament; will get his hands on a receiver and attempt to disrupt their routes prior to the stem. However, is patient enough to avoid being exploited by double-moves. Has the top-end speed to carry receivers downfield, remaining in the hip pocket; can also stick with players crossing the field. Looks fluid and explosive out of his breaks. Effectively navigates his way through pick plays in congested spaces. However, some work remains to be done on positioning, as he has a tendency to give up the inside position on posts, allowing receivers to shield him from the ball. Gets caught sitting in some short zones, losing track of defenders; better-suited in man coverage. Good leaper who can contest vertical throws. Ball skills are difficult to evaluate because he was often avoided; didn’t intercept any passes in college. Doesn’t always give a particularly inspired effort in run defense; makes attempts to disengage himself from blocks, but willingness to pursue downfield is limited and doesn’t tackle well. Will delegate tackling attempts if others are in the area. Lined up on kick block teams. Has all of the physical tools teams look for in a cornerback prospect; is a very fluid, fast, explosive player who has lined up all over the field and plays with the aggressiveness and confidence necessary. Lack of plays reviewed in which quarterbacks threw the ball his way makes his hands and ball skills difficult to evaluate, but ability to take away opposing wideouts is enough to justify his status as a likely first-round pick with a very high ceiling due to his natural movement skills.

Games watched: Florida St. (’15), North Carolina (’15), North Carolina St. (’15)

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