CB #18 Tre’Davious White, Louisiana St.*

5’11” – 191 lbs. – 4.50e

Has been a member of the Tigers’ first-team defense since his true freshman season back in 2013, when he was a starter for all but two games. Tall, long-limbed cornerback with solid bulk; looks the part of a boundary corner at the pro level. Technically sound defensive back who can do a little bit of everything; has started for three years and it shows. Typically lines up on just a few yards off the line of scrimmage, whether opposite a wideout split off of the offensive formation, or tight to the line in the absence of one; will move from the left to right side to shadow an opposing number-one receiver. Relatively physical prospect who can use his arms to disrupt receivers at the line in press-man; might draw some penalties at the pro level for his continued contact further down the field. Has very quick feet and backpedals often, being one of the rare top prospects who’s not used almost exclusively in shuffle or press-man. Fluid change-of-direction abilities allow him to stick with receivers out of their breaks, although he has a tendency to turn away from receivers rather than into them, leading to some wasted motion. Is fast enough to carry opponents downfield, but gives up some separation when asked to stick with receivers running shallow crosses; also has a tendency to cede inside position to bigger receivers on slants and posts. Reaction times are pretty fast; plants and drives on the ball well enough to compete on most targets. Can time his leaps, but doesn’t break up as many passes as he should; confident teams have successfully tested him despite what looked like tight coverage. Hasn’t worked in zone coverages enough to give teams a good idea of his ability there relative to his man-coverage projection. Gets extension with his arms to gain separation from blockers and force runners back inside. Uses his length well to tackle in the open field; is a technique tackler, rather than a projectile. Also returned punts for the Tigers, serving as their primary returner as a sophomore and in a more limited capacity this season. A very impressive prospect in that he was asked to follow receivers like Laquon Treadwell around the field and line up against them in man coverage all game and looked competitive in that capacity; overall positioning might be a little bit better than his ability to make plays on the ball, but has almost all of the physical and mental tools required to develop into a solid starter on the outside. Does more different things well than perhaps any other defensive back in this year’s class.

Games watched: Notre Dame (’14), Mississippi (’15), Mississippi St. (’15)

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