LG #51 Joshua Garnett, Stanford

6’5” – 321 lbs. – 5.20e

Human biology major who won the Outland Trophy as a senior, his second season as a starter and his first as a team captain; as a freshman and sophomore, worked into the guard rotation and also served as a fullback (freshman season) and extra lineman in jumbo packages (sophomore.) Lines up at left guard for the Cardinal. Has solid height for an offensive guard prospect, along with a very thick build, especially in the torso and lower body; frame is probably maxed out. Length looks just average for the position and is probably insufficient to kick out to tackle for an extended period of time. Impressive ability to generate pop on contact with his initial punch; has a physical on-field demeanor. Battles through the whistle and will pick up some pancakes which appear driven more by upper-body strength and torque than by quality footwork. However, doesn’t always drive defenders off the spot; could be more consistently active his with feet. Plays in an inline system, but is asked to pull or get to the second level regularly, which allows for a feel of how he can handle diverse responsibilities in the run game. Short-area quickness is more impressive than his size would indicate; capable of engaging linebackers at the second level. Will lead the way on screens on occasion; good work rate to find defenders and can often be found deep downfield attempting to secure blocks. Does a little bit of work on cut blocks. Positioning is generally good (capable of executing hook blocks), but can become a little bit of a waist-bender over distance, overextending himself to try and make a block and causing him to end snaps on the ground. Good awareness in blitz pickup; clear paths to the quarterback on delay blitzes are the exception that proves the rule. Lateral agility on passing downs is just average, but generally managed to get the job done versus one-gap penetrators because of his grip strength. Good functional strength allows him to anchor easily versus power rushers in pass protection. Probably lacks the ceiling of left tackle Kyle Murphy, but is the most pro-ready player on his team’s offensive line and has the size, smarts, toughness, and versatility to contribute quickly as a guard in a power scheme. Might be penalized by some teams for his lack of experience playing other positions on the offensive line, especially because he might not be long or athletic enough to play tackle if needed, but looks likely to be one of the first few guards off the board because he requires relatively little imagination to project to the pro level.

Games watched: Notre Dame (’14), Northwestern (’15), Southern California (’15)

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