RB #3 Alex Collins, Arkansas*

5’11” – 215 lbs. – 4.50e

Was part of a running-back committee in his first two seasons, then worked as more of a traditional workhorse as a junior before declaring for the draft. Not overwhelmingly tall, but has a thick, somewhat top-heavy build which looks capable of handling a significant workload if asked to; has touched the ball over two-hundred times in each of his three seasons of eligibility, with totals increasing each year. Works as more or less a conventional pro-style runner, coming out of single-back or I-formations. Powerful downhill runner who benefited from being able to run through some wide holes. Makes sharp cuts, including an impressive jump-cut; capable of making the first man miss. Works a violent spin move into his repertoire. Explosive once he finds a crease, with the deep speed to hit home-runs; has a galloping running style, might be a little bit more upright than teams would like to see. Can be a handful to bring down because of his combination of speed, bulk, and physicality; determined back who tends to fall forward at the end of his runs. Keeps driving his legs after contact for extra yardage, although he doesn’t run out of too many tackle attempts. Generally does a good job of following his blockers, but will occasionally hesitate to hit a pretty good hole and end up running himself into trouble by moving horizontally, but rarely tries to bounce runs outside the tackles. Sells play-fakes well. Asked to line up as a joker on rare occasions, but is generally retained as a blocker on passing downs; often leaks out to serve as a safety valve in the absence of blitzers, but hasn’t been a particularly prolific receiving option. Willing as a pass protector, but has technique issues which will need to be cleaned up before teams are willing to rely on him; tends to lower his head into contact, lunging or diving at opponents rather than staying upright. On better snaps, tries to steer opponents wide of the pocket, but doesn’t often get his hands on an opponent and keep them there. Physical attributes may give some teams confidence in his ability to contribute in that capacity after time. Has an attractive, powerful, and explosive rushing style, with the ability to punish defenders between the tackles and hit home-runs when he’s in the open field. Production was somewhat inflated playing under Bret Bielema, but clearly has plenty of talent as a runner. Might slip a little bit based on his raw pass-blocking technique and his lack of extensive receiving experience out of the backfield, but stands a chance of going on the second day.

Games watched: Texas A&M (’14), Texas Tech (’14), Arkansas (’15)

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