LT #72 Shon Coleman, Auburn*

6’6” – 313 lbs. – 5.15e

Missed his first two collegiate seasons while making an incredible comeback from leukemia, something pro teams will want to examine him closely for. Ended up as the team’s backup left tackle in 2013 before taking over the job as a redshirt sophomore; declared after his junior season. Very big, thick offensive tackle with length that’s probably about average for the position; really looks the part of a pro left tackle. Typically lines up at left tackle but will shift to the right side periodically to serve as the team’s third tackle in jumbo sets. Looks a little bit mechanical in his kickslide, with shorter steps that force him to rely on his bulk. Does, however, get low enough to gain favorable leverage on opponents. Often had some help on his side of the line, with tight ends blocking against speed rushers; that way, he could concentrate on handling any power that came on an inside rush. Looks a bit lumbering when asked to get depth, but showed that he can still get the job done because of his natural physical and athletic gifts. Anchors very well when put in that situation. However, ability to sustain blocks is just average. Has pretty quick hands, but can be beat to either side, explaining how often he gets a chip from a teammate. Often has some trouble locating someone to block; could improve his awareness in blitz pickup, as teams have been able to take advantage of him on delayed rushes. Looks dominant from time to time in the run game; can toss opponents to the ground or drive them well off the ball when he’s moving his feet, making them look like blocking sleds. Must be more consistently active in order to do that, however; often lets his feet go dead on contact, and has some issues with his hand placement and grip that prevent him from sustaining as well as he could. Has been asked to execute various blocks which require him to cover some ground. Can get around to the opposite side of an opponent and execute a hook block, or interfere with defenders at the second level; doesn’t always actually secure a block, but dominates when he does. Could do a better job of keeping his legs under him; technique wanes with distance. Raw player who has flashed dominance in the run game and has a very appealing combination of size and athleticism; perennial need for quality offensive linemen should get him into the first round of the draft, although he’s hardly a lock to remain on the blindside and might be best-served playing inside in a relatively simplistic inline scheme to begin with. Won’t be helped by Greg Robinson’s struggles as a pro.

Games watched: Alabama (’15), Mississippi (’15), Texas A&M (’15)

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