5T Adam Gotsis, Georgia Tech

6’4” – 287 lbs. – 4.87

Relatively new to the game; played Australian rules football before moving to the United States to attend college. However, did manage thirty-six starts at the college level before sustaining a season-ending knee injury as a senior. Generally lines up as a one-technique right defensive tackle, but will play different techniques and shift over to the left side of the line on occasion. Tall defensive lineman with very good length. Carries his weight very well, with even distribution and a muscular build. Well-conditioned player who takes a lot of snaps per game. More fast than explosive in terms of his overall movement skills, with a tough on-field demeanor. Has some functional strength in his lower body, which he uses as a two-gapper in the run game. Doesn’t reset the line of scrimmage in the backfield very often, but anchors better than expected, holding his ground and flashing the ability to make stops in the run game. Can keep his shoulders square as a run defender. Also does some work as more of a one-gap player and will knife into the backfield on occasion and create disruption. However, could stand to play with more consistent leverage; tends to get upright out of his stance, allowing opponents to stop him at the line. Gives good effort in pursuit and will scrape down the line and work to the ball. Probably more talented than he is instinctive at this point, tending to be a little bit slow to diagnose plays. Stayed on the field in many third-and-long situations. Flashes the ability to find open lanes to the quarterback as a pass-rusher, with enough speed to pick up the occasional hit; however, doesn’t do a great job of using his hands to shed blockers consistently and consequently finds himself hovering around the line of scrimmage more often than he should. Is a pretty straightforward rusher at this point who would probably benefit from developing more moves and being more creative in his approach. Squanders some opportunities to come away with sacks and tackles for loss by coming in too fast and letting opposing ballcarriers through his grasp. Makes the occasional zone drop into coverage, which could appeal to some teams which integrate that type of role into their defense. Blocked three kicks on special-teams units. Knee injury will require some further evaluation, but otherwise looks like a mid-round value who offers the height, length, tough demeanor, and anchor strength to potentially work into a defensive line rotation, most likely as a two-gap defensive end in a 3-4 defense.

Projection: Round 5


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