DT Montravius Adams, Auburn


6’4” – 309 lbs.

Was worked into the rotation as a true freshman, then stepped into the starting lineup as a sophomore and has been there ever since. Tall, very thick defensive lineman with good musculature and weight distribution; has added weight and really looks the part. Usually lines up on the left side of the defensive line, whether the team is in its base even front or presenting an odd look. More often asked to penetrate into the backfield with a one-gap technique. Pretty explosive off the line of scrimmage and can gain the upper hand and put opposing offensive linemen on their heels early. Comes out of his stance with a low pad level and can be a handful for opposing offensive linemen to deal with due to his overall bulk and strong leg drive. Capable of generating some push against single blockers but will look like he’s playing on skates when double-teamed. Overall balance can be a problem at times, ending up on the ground too often because he comes out low and keeps his head down. Tendency to lower his head can cause him to lose track of the ball, barreling into the backfield only to miss a chance to make a tackle. Consequently, is more likely to disrupt the overall play than to square up and bring down the ballcarrier. Plays with a high motor and some violence to his game; gives good effort in pursuit and will chase through the whistle. Won’t be the first player to reach the sidelines but does cover some ground and can pick up tackles when runners are forced back inside. As a pass rusher, functions as a one-gap penetrator and is also asked to operate on stunts. Could use rush moves more often, but what repertoire he’s shown thus far is encouraging; possesses a violent spin move and will also use rip and swim moves with success. Can also walk opposing linemen back with his bull rush. Impressive closing speed for a man of his size and can generate plenty of pop on contact. However, will probably end up being more of a pressure-generator than a player who racks up gaudy sack totals. Gets his hands up to contest passing lanes on a consistent basis. Also had some success blocking kicks. Has the frame, strength, athleticism, and violence to become a pro starter, but will need to become more disciplined and clean up his technique in order to get the most out of his gifts. Could potentially play either tackle spot on a four-man line or slide outside in an odd front.

Games watched; Louisiana St. (’15), Georgia (’16), Mississippi (’16)

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