DE DeMarcus Walker, Florida St.

6’4” – 280 lbs. – 4.80e

Was a rotational player in his first year with the Seminoles, but has been starting since basically his sophomore year (eleven of fourteen games.) Team captain who plays both defensive end spots for the Seminoles, sliding inside to tackle on some obvious passing downs. Has very good overall size and decent musculature, with a somewhat top-heavy build; carries his weight well. Tough and physical player, if not an overpowering one. As a pass-rusher, is more intense than explosive off the line of scrimmage. Not really the type of player to dip his shoulder and bend the edge; often steered wide of the quarterback. Creativity also leaves something to be desired; has some suddenness in his hands and will work swim and rip moves into his repertoire with some effectiveness. Gets a lot of his pressures as an inside rusher or when rushing inside on a stunt or twist from the end position. Closing burst is more impressive than his burst off the snap. Heads-up player who will go for the ball when he has a chance. Overall instincts in the run game are adequate. Plays with enough patience to make sense in a two-gap scheme, which may better use his skillset. Will stay at home and sniff out the occasional late-developing screen or misdirection play. Struggles to defend the read option. Has some ability to anchor and scrape down the line but might be better at using his hands to shed blockers, with some strength and quickness in his hands. Can be sealed inside from time to time, and was driven back by tight ends on a few plays. Occasionally gets a bit too upright and overextends himself. Good closing burst to tackle in pursuit, with a wide tackling radius and a strong grip to finish. Motor is pretty good but will get caught watching when the play is on the other side of the field. Might not be a great fit for a 3-4 defensive front; best position may be elephant linebacker in that sort of scheme. Not quite as stout as other players of his size, but might offer a little bit more as a pass-rusher, using his hands with quickness and power to compensate for his lack of elite burst off the line of scrimmage. Looks like he might be able to start at left end in a four-man defensive line which uses two-gap principles.

Games watched: Miami (’15), Louisville (’16), Mississippi (’16)

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