DL Jonathan Allen, Alabama


6’3” – 291 lbs. – 4.85

Five-star recruit who appeared in a reserve capacity as a true freshman before stepping into the starting lineup the following season, giving him three years of first-team experience. Team captain. Something of a ‘tweener size-wise; has added some additional bulk for his senior season and could conceivably play at a variety of weights depending on his pro role. Typically plays right end on Alabama’s line, whether the team is operating with three or four down linemen; will also slide inside on some passing downs and take the occasional snap from the left end spot. Very tough and physical style of play; good motor to work through the whistle. Draws lots of attention from opposing offenses, whether double-teams on the offensive line or chips from other players retained to pass-protect; ability to engage multiple defenders creates opportunities for his teammates to make plays. Does a good job of chipping backs and disrupting or preventing their release. Difficult to handle when playing downhill; can occupy two blockers and threaten to split double-teams. Primarily a bull-rusher who can collapse the pocket with his power and leg drive. Despite his size and bulk, flashes the speed to challenge the edge and bend back to the passer. Will also mix in a swim or spin move on occasion. Gets good arm extension when two-gapping against the run; has a strong anchor and the discipline to hold the edge and maintain his run fits against opposing tackles. Strong enough to reestablish the line of scrimmage in the backfield. Has a lot of power in his hands, using effective technique to prevent opposing linemen from placing their initial punch and locking onto him; capable of tossing aside even interior linemen to make plays on the ball. Rarely caught out of position; quality instincts/play recognition ability. Gives good effort in pursuit but isn’t really the type of player who will chase down opponents on the sidelines. Would have been a possible first-round pick had he declared last year, but played even better as a senior and looks likely to be one of the first players off the board this year. Very polished from a mental and technical standpoint, with outstanding play strength and impressive athleticism for a player of his size. A chess piece who can handle a variety of different responsibilities and roles, something which should be especially valuable given the multiple defenses which predominate in the pro game today.

Games watched: Arkansas (’16), Tennessee (’16), Texas A&M (’16)

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