DE Myles Garrett, Texas A&M*

6’5” – 262 lbs.

Five-star recruit who burst onto the scene as a true freshman; produced well for three seasons before declaring for the draft despite drawing a lot of extra attention from tight ends and backs on passing downs. Plays right end for the Aggies, occasionally rushing out of a two-point stance. Offers teams a prototypical frame for a pro pass rusher in either an even or an odd front; good height and length, carrying his weight well. Has a lightning-quick first step; routinely the first player off the line and can generate some power due to his explosiveness. Capable of splitting double teams. Flexible enough to dip the shoulder and bend back to the quarterback. Physical player who’s not afraid to mix it up with bigger offensive tackles; can overwhelm smaller tight ends with power. Pretty good leg drive after initial contact, coming out of his stance with good leverage to dig in. Needs to improve his hand use; overly reliant on his speed at this point. Doesn’t work many different moves into his game and tends to get stonewalled when he’s successfully engaged for lack of counters. Uses a rip move on occasion while challenging the edge which looks like it could be worked into his arsenal more regularly. Looks hard to defend when making inside moves but hasn’t made those a major part of his game. Was effectively neutralized by Cam Robinson this season. Has some experience making drops into coverage, which looks like something he might be able to do at the next level. Top-end speed is good but not great; more of a freak in terms of short-area quickness than the type of player who makes tackles out near the sidelines. Has enough strength and physicality to anchor in the run game; can handle being run at, but is more of a penetrator. Effective defender on read-options; can’t really be given a free release because of his ability to fly into the backfield. Too explosive to be effectively blocked by pulling tight ends and fullbacks. Gives good effort on rushing attempts in his direction but won’t make many plays in backside pursuit; can often be found watching when the play goes to the opposite side of the field. Widely regarded as a top pick, his prototypical frame and elite first step give him the potential to develop into a defensive cornerstone in either an even or an odd front. Could be a star if he is able to better utilize his hands and diversify his approach as a pass-rusher.

Games watched: Alabama (’16), Louisiana St. (’16), Tennessee ’16)

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