DT Jake Replogle, Purdue


6’5” – 289 lbs.

Good bloodlines; father and three brothers all played college football. Started his career as a reserve defensive end, weighing just 240 pounds; added nearly thirty pounds and became one of the team’s starting defensive ends the following year, then shifted inside to defensive tackle as a junior, where he’s started the past two years while adding another twenty pounds. Versatile; plays both tackle spots in the team’s four-man fronts and usually plays inside when the team employs three down linemen. Tall with a reasonably thick build, but with shorter arms than usual for a player of his height. Overall athleticism is just average in terms of explosiveness, burst to close, and top-end speed; consequently, may be more likely to force opposing passers from the pocket than to finish at the next level. That said, is a pretty good gap shooter who can squeeze between linemen to reach the backfield; looked more consistently disruptive as a senior than as a junior. Does a good job of varying his rush approaches and moves. Most of his pressure comes from inside, but will also loop around and look for clear lanes to the passer at times. Good suddenness and hand use to stack and shed. Capable of anchoring; pretty stout at the point of attack, even against double-teams. Works swim and rip moves into his repertoire often and flashes a spin move as well. Doesn’t consistently threaten to collapse the pocket with his bull-rush but does have some two-gap responsibilities. Gets pretty good arm extension and has powerful hands to discard blockers. Flows well to the ball, not the most athletic player but can make some tackles in pursuit; will chase plays to the sidelines and down the field. Pretty reliable wrap tackler, albeit with a limited radius because of his lack of length. Could stand to play with more patience; takes himself out of some plays by pursuing in the wrong direction or allowing himself to be sealed away from the gap. Despite his lack of elite length and athleticism, looks like a potential starter who can disrupt things in the backfield because of his strength, hand use, and motor; could conceivably handle a few different roles but might be best as an under tackle in an even front or an end in an odd front.

Games watched: Iowa (’15), Virginia Tech (’15), Wisconsin (’16)

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