DE Derek Barnett, Tennessee*

6’3” – 265 lbs. – 4.80e

Has started thirteen games in each of the past three seasons for the Volunteers, all highly-productive campaigns. Has adequate height and a thick build, with long limbs; really looks the part of a pro defensive end. Lines up on the right end of the defensive line in both three and four-point stances, playing different techniques; will function as a stand-up rusher on rare occasions. Tough and physical on-field temperament. Possesses pretty strong hands to shed blocks in the run game, with the length and power to two-gap. Stout enough to hold the point of attack; generally patient in backside contain but will create some rushing lanes by trying to win the edge. Can scrape down the line and flow to the ball, but isn’t particularly rangy because of his average speed. Despite a wide tackling radius, has some trouble breaking down in the open field. Struggles to defend read-options. Isn’t an elite athlete in terms of speed but is an accomplished pass rusher with some intriguing skills and a solid motor. Very dangerous when he gets a good jump on the snap, and does a good job of anticipating counts. Something of a long-strider who can challenge the edge, dip his shoulder, and bend back to the quarterback to finish, especially when he lines up in a wide technique. Has a pretty diverse repertoire of rush moves and approaches; will mix in different moves and can win with speed or power, but usually relies on the former rather than the latter. Primarily but not purely an edge rusher; can also bull-rush a little bit, and will utilize inside moves. Adequate burst to finish. Had some pretty impressive games against top blockers this past season. Has made limited spot drops in zone coverage and looks fairly comfortable but probably wouldn’t be asked to handle much more than the occasional snap there at the pro level. Did manage to line up in the slot and carry a receiver downfield versus A&M. Might be a little bit scheme-limited; could potentially play outside linebacker in an oversized 3-4 defense, but isn’t as natural a fit as some other top pass-rushers in this year’s class. However, offers a pretty complete package of rush skills, with a blend of explosiveness, flexibility, technique, creativity, and power which could allow him to develop into a team’s primary pass-rusher, as well as the length and power to become a solid run defender. Looks like a potential first-round pick.

Games watched: Alabama (’16), Florida (’16), Texas A&M (’16)

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