LB Tim Williams, Alabama

6’4” – 252 lbs. – 4.65e

Was more of a reserve/rotational player in his first two seasons with the team, but stepped into the starting lineup as a junior and has enjoyed two highly-productive seasons, even without playing many snaps relative to other top prospects. Very tall, long-limbed pass-rusher who usually rushes out of a two-point stance off the edge of the line but will also put his hand in the dirt and play out of a three-point stance fairly often. Doesn’t have outstanding bulk but carries his weight well and has added to his frame; weighed just 230 pounds as a junior but is over twenty pounds bigger this year. Plays with more power and physicality than expected, and has the physical and athletic tools to make teams consider carving out a specialized role for him in their defense. Uses his length to get good extension and can create some push with his leg drive. Although his athletic abilities are very impressive all-around (has probably shown more speed and explosiveness than flexibility), his most impressive attribute may be his quickness; capable of making opposing blockers look silly with his inside moves. Can squeeze through gaps without getting disrupted by the congestion. Typically more of an edge-rusher, though; gets good depth and can challenge the edge. Varies his moves regularly to keep blockers off-balance; rip, swim, etc. Good finisher once he gets into the backfield. Isn’t really someone who will probably be asked to set the edge, but looked like a competent run defender in a limited sample size; usually brought onto the field to get after the passer. Length gives him a solid tackling radius; capable of using his extension to make reads and play a bit of a two-gapping game. More of an attacking player but also flashes the ability to handle power. Wasn’t really asked to drop into coverage during the games reviewed, probably because of his value as a pass-rusher but nonetheless a bit disappointing because he seems so well-suited to that type of role. Some teams might question how well he’ll be able to maintain his weight, which has fluctuated within roughly a twenty-pound band over four years. Representative of this year’s class of undersized but disruptive pass-rushers, his style of play is well-suited to the modern game. Impressive tools and pedigree give him a good chance of going within the first fifty picks or so.

Games watched: Auburn (’16), Tennessee (’16), Texas A&M (’16)

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