CB Adoree’ Jackson, Southern California*

5’10” – 186 lbs. – 4.42

Has been productive as an all-around playmaker since his true freshman season, playing on offense, defense, and special teams. Has just adequate size for a boundary corner and may be seen as more of a slot man by some teams. Plays on both sides of the defense. Works in both press and off coverages, usually with man responsibilities. Often shuffles from man looks. Will get a little physical in bump-and-run, but is more pesky than disruptive. Has very quick feet and looks very fluid when changing directions. Fast enough to carry receivers over the middle on crosses and quick breaking routes; can stay in the hip pocket down the field but needs to be more consistent about getting his head around and locating the ball when targeted. When he locates, is able to play the ball like a wide receiver, with soft hands and good timing. Ball-hawk who can bait opposing quarterbacks into making throws, then step in to make the interception. Will start some snaps with a big cushion and use his speed to plant and drive on throws. Very good timing and ball skills to make plays when he’s in phase. Can be a little bit susceptible to timing-based throws because of the cushions he gives at times, but has the speed to recover and limit yards after the catch. Sometimes gets a little bit too aggressive and will drive on a sluggo and open himself up to getting beat over the top. Could have some trouble defending against bigger receivers who can work the inside of the field and shield smaller defenders from the ball. Uses wrap technique in the run game; willing to come up and hit, although he’s not one of the bigger defenders in this year’s class. Fast, elusive kick returner who scored eight return touchdowns over the course of his collegiate career; very explosive and can score when he finds a lane. Also comes onto the field on offense, often as a running back in shotgun formations but sometimes as a receiver. Typical offensive responsibilities included going into motion or releasing from the backfield and catching swing passes. Hard runner for his size, with the ability to lower his shoulder and pick up yards after contact. One of the most dynamic, versatile players in the draft, his excellent athleticism and aggressive, anticipatory style of play should help him come off the board within the first forty to fifty picks, although some teams may see him as more of a slot cornerback.

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