CB Cameron Sutton, Tennessee

5’11” – 188 lbs. – 4.52

Started since his true freshman season, giving him roughly three-and-a-half years of starting experience after missing nearly half of this year with a broken ankle. A little bit smaller than you’d like, with adequate height and bulk but somewhat disappointing length and a thin frame. Typically lined up at right cornerback, with a lot of press-man looks. Also played some shuffle technique, some zone coverage, and some bump-and-run. Appears to have a good backpedal but wasn’t asked to do that very often during the games reviewed. Has enough suddenness to match opponents’ releases at the line of scrimmage. Uses the sideline to his advantage, pinning opponents against the boundary when defending routes which take him downfield. Fast enough to carry opponents if not recover when he’s caught out of position. When he’s able to locate the ball, exhibits soft hands and quality ball skills; however, seems to have trouble getting his head around on a consistent basis. When he’s able to keep the play in front of him, looks fast enough to plant and drive in order to make a play on the ball; however, has some trouble against bigger receivers over the middle, who can box him out with their frames and prevent him from having an opportunity to play the ball. Had some trouble working through congestion and pick plays during the games reviewed. Despite his lack of length, can play off of blocks in the run game, with a solid anchor for a player of his size. However, looks like a very weak tackler who doesn’t really like to stick his nose in against the run and who suffers from poor positioning. Not a wrap tackler; tends to lower his head and dive at opponents. Was also productive as a punt returner, with enough speed and elusiveness to receive consideration for those responsibilities at the pro level as well. Has the athleticism and ball skills to become a contributor at the pro level, but may never be more than a flawed starter; not big or strong enough to mix it up with some of the more physical boundary receivers the pro game has to offer, and not a good enough run defender to thrive in the slot. That said, should probably be no worse than a mid-round pick, assuming everything checks out medically, and could go as high as the late second day.

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