CB Corn Elder, Miami (FL)

5’10” – 183 lbs. – 4.55

Played running back in high school but converted to cornerback when he arrived at Miami. Was a reserve in his freshman season, rotated into the defense as a sophomore, started seven games as a junior, and became a full-time starter this past season. Also returned kicks and punts and served as a gunner on special teams. Team captain who is a little bit smaller than you’d like in a boundary cornerback, but plays bigger than his size; nonetheless, may end up as more of a slot player at the next level, something he was asked to do at the college level as well. Usually lined up in a shuffle alignment; plays both zone and man coverages. Impressive instincts; at his best when he’s allowed to work in zone and use his play-recognition skills to get to the ball. Has a good feel for screens developing and can plant and drive on a spot. Gives up some completions underneath but tackles quickly to limit yards after the catch. Works to pin opponents to the sideline, although his frame provides an obstacle. When pattern-matching, has a tendency to leave some gaps between zones for wide receivers to exploit down the seams and could get more depth in his drops. Looks fluid when changing directions, but average speed at the Combine will cast doubt about his ability to carry pro receivers down the field in man coverage. Has a physical temperament and will mix it up with bigger receivers. Plays off of blocks well in the run game; aggressively attacks opposing receivers and can steer them in order to cut off rushing lanes. A little bit inconsistent in terms of tackling in space but is willing to come up and pop opponents; able to wrap up and drive his legs to tackle with form against squared-up opponents. Angles in pursuit can be a little bit too aggressive at times, forcing him to make difficult adjustments or tackle attempts. Blitzes from press-man looks and does a good job of disguising his intentions. A very likeable player who combines quality instincts with a desirable temperament; may slip to the third day because of the depth of this year’s cornerback class and because his physical and athletic tools could relegate him to a slot role at the next level. That said, in the modern pro game, the nickel position is essentially a starting role, and he has the skills and traits to be a quality defender on the inside, especially for a predominantly zone team.

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