CB Howard Wilson, Houston**

6’1” – 184 lbs. – 4.57

Started as a true freshman and then again as a redshirt sophomore after tearing his ACL three games into the 2015 season; declared for the draft rather than return for a junior campaign. Tall, lanky cornerback who usually lines up to the right side of the defense, typically in off or shuffle coverage with a generous cushion; also takes a handful of snaps per game from more of a press-man look. Has only limited experience backpedaling but looks pretty comfortable, with quick feet and a low center of gravity. Plays with the requisite competitiveness; doesn’t have a very strong frame, but likes to get physical with opposing receivers and disrupt their timing with his arms. Some ability to use his length to pin opponents to the sidelines. Light on his feet, changes directions well, and can stick with receivers at the route stem. Ball hawk who intercepted nine passes in just over two seasons and who got his hands on plenty of other throws this past season; length and ball skills could allow him to thrive in a scheme which keeps the play in front of him and allows him to plant and drive on the ball. Has the height, arms, and leaping ability to defend against vertical receivers. Can get too confident with safety help over the top and sell out for the jam, but lets his aggression get the best of him and lacks the recovery speed to catch up if he misses. Attempts to sit on shorter routes can leave him susceptible to getting beat deep. Has the frame of an outside cornerback but timed speed is slower than nearly all the cornerback prospects who have become starters at the next level; may not be suitable for a slot or safety role because of his thin frame and lack of tackling technique. Defends screens well; can sniff them out when they’re developing and drive on a spot. Active with his hands and feet when taking on blockers. More likely to go low and try to cut out an opponent’s legs rather than using his arms; can be a spectator at times when other defenders are in the area. A bit of a high-risk, high-reward cornerback who was often allowed to undercut passing routes at the college level by virtue of having safety help over the top; however, his aggressiveness also created opportunities for defenders to get open down the field. Has some of the physical and athletic skills to start eventually but will need to add bulk and play with more discipline, both in terms of coverage and in terms of using his technique to tackle on a consistent basis. Looks like he’ll go in the mid-rounds given the depth of this year’s class.

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