CB Jeremy Cutrer, Middle Tennessee St.

6’1” – 167 lbs. – 4.52

Originally committed to Louisiana St. but spent his first two seasons in community college before finishing his collegiate career with two years at Middle Tennessee St. Was asked to play a lot of shuffle technique from off coverage, usually with deep-zone responsibilities; also did some press-man. Typically lines up at right cornerback but moves around and will even play in the slot at times. Very tall, long-limbed cornerback with a spindly, leggy build; will probably be asked to gain at least fifteen or twenty pounds at the next level. Covers plenty of ground with his shuffle due to his length. Physical at the line of scrimmage when asked to press; uses his length to disrupt opponents. However, can open himself up to longer completions down the sidelines by being too aggressive at the line; doesn’t have the type of speed to recover when beat at the pro level, and seemed to have a tendency to struggle with speed in college as well. Wasn’t tested much on shorter throws during the games reviewed but teams weren’t afraid to challenge him further downfield. Compensates for his lack of ideal top-end speed with an impressive wingspan which allows him to make plays on the ball when it’s in the air. However, could be more aggressive about working back to the ball when he’s in-phase. Not really a twitchy player and gives up some separation out of breaks, which might make him susceptible to timing-based throws; appears as though he lacks the feel and anticipatory skills to stick close to opponents on curls and other patterns of that nature. Not much of a factor in the run game; will attack blocks with some aggression and shows a willingness to engage ballcarriers and wrap at times, but doesn’t have much stopping power and can be overwhelmed by power at times. Lacks functional strength but has the temperament to eventually contribute with time in a pro strength program. Has limited experience rushing from the edge as well, which looks like something he might be able to do at the next level. A draftable developmental cornerback with the height, length, and ball skills to make it at the pro level, but who will need a couple of years to add bulk and functional strength and to develop his instincts before being able to hold up against pro receivers. For that reason, appears unlikely to come off the board before the mid-rounds.

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