CB Marquez White, Florida St.

6’0” – 194 lbs. – 4.59

Also played a little bit of basketball in college. Was a reserve/special-teams player for his first two seasons, then became a starter as a junior and reprised that role as a senior. Offers a solid combination of height and bulk for the position, with long arms (over 32”) and big hands (10”). Plays on both sides of the defense, usually on the field side. Did a lot of shuffle technique at the college level, both in man and zone coverage, and typically with a somewhat generous cushion. Looks pretty good when he’s asked to press receivers at the line; has the size, length, and aggressive temperament for that sort of role. Possesses quick enough feet to match opposing releases at the line of scrimmage. Appears to have pretty good reaction times and some feel for routes developing, although he’s not a particularly quick or explosive mover; athleticism is on the borderline of what’s acceptable at the pro level. Doesn’t consistently put himself in position to make plays on the ball and is often relegated to limiting yards after the catch. Able to sniff out screens and drive downhill on the spot. Better when he’s able to keep the play in front of him rather than having to turn and run or work in zone coverage; seems to lose track of opponents down the field when he’s not working in man. Might end up being something of a liability down the field; lots of contact when he’s covering vertical routes and may not really have the speed to stick with opponents if he’s not disrupting them throughout the route. Willing to get physical with opposing blockers in the screen and run games; at this point, however, might be more temperamentally-suited to that role than he is effective at positioning himself and funneling runners back inside. May get pulled away from the play direction a little bit too easily. Not a particularly reliable tackler or someone who puts himself in position to make too many tackles; that could become more of an issue if teams try to mask his average athleticism by moving him inside or trying to transition him to safety. A two-year starter from a major program, and one who was able to use his size and length to bully opponents at the college level, but whose athletic testing is on the borderline of what’s acceptable and who may end up being limited to mixing it up on press coverage against possession receivers, as he could be exploited by speed or quickness. Could end up going somewhere around the middle of the third day.

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