CB Marshon Lattimore, Ohio St.**

6’0” – 193 lbs. – 4.36

Missed his entire freshman year and played in just seven games of the subsequent season because of hamstring injuries which required surgery, but turned in an excellent redshirt sophomore campaign this past season. Offers a solid combination of size, bulk, and length for a boundary cornerback at the pro level. Usually played right cornerback in college, with lots of work in press-man or bump-and-run coverage; situationally was asked to play in zone coverage, typically when longer completions were required and he could defend a spot. Willing to get very physical within five yards, with an accurate punch and the ability to disrupt receivers at the line. Footwork allows him to match opposing releases at the line of scrimmage. Hips are fluid, with the ability to open them and run with opponents down the field. Fast enough to carry receivers down the field from press looks; gives up very little separation on the sidelines. At his best when he’s able to pin opponents to the sidelines; tends to be a little bit more conservative against inside releases and give up more separation than when opponents try to play down the sidelines. Does a good job of getting his head around and locating the ball in the air. Can lay out and break up passes down the field; has excellent ball skills, having made plays on forty percent of his targets this past season. Could be a little bit vulnerable to timing-based throws, having been let back into some plays by a lack of anticipation on the part of the opposing quarterback. Has a little bit more trouble on routes which take him over the middle of the field; will occasionally let a receiver win the inside and get grabby. Has some power as a tackler, with the length to cover ground; probably more physical as a hitter than in terms of taking on blocks. Good awareness to break off of his routes and work back to defend the run. Capable of slipping past blockers when playing downhill as a rusher or when defending screens. Occasionally rushed off the edge, with some ability to disguise his intentions pre-snap. Also works on the kick block team, rushing off the end of the line. Has just one year of starting experience, but did an outstanding job this past season and offers the size, explosiveness, and physicality to become a number-one cornerback at the next level. Looks like a top ten lock even with his hamstring issues.

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