CB Rasul Douglas, West Virginia

6’2” – 209 lbs. – 4.59

Originally attended community college, playing two seasons at that level before transferring to West Virginia; was a reserve in 2015, then stepped into the starting lineup this past season and intercepted eight passes. Tall, long-limbed cornerback who looks a little bit thinner than his Combine weigh-in would suggest. Was asked to play a lot of different techniques in college; backpedaled, played press-man and off-man, and worked in zone coverage. Can use his long arms to press at the line of scrimmage and disrupt routes and timing. Has a decent backpedal for a player of his size, and was asked to use it more often than usual for a college cornerback. Not really a quick-twitch corner, but does a good job of maximizing his length in coverage; has good timing and reach when attempting to make plays on the ball when targeted. Has soft hands and intercepted a ton of throws this past year. Some ability to use his frame to pin receivers against the sidelines. Looks better when he’s able to keep the play in front of him than when he needs to turn and run with opponents or stick with them in man coverage. Flashes the awareness to break off of his man and drive on another spot in zone.  May not have the speed to stick with receivers on crossing patterns or down the field and could probably play in a pattern-matching zone scheme where he was able to disrupt a receiver within a limited area before passing them off to a safety playing over the top. Athletic testing was on the borderline of what’s acceptable in a cornerback prospect, and may not be quite a good enough tackler to transition to safety. Not as physical as his size would indicate; able to anchor against blockers in the run game, but doesn’t do a great job of using his hands to disengage from opponents and punish ballcarriers. Not a consistent form tackler and doesn’t bring the power expected, but offers good effort in backside pursuit, with an above-average tackling radius. Probably a third-day pick in this year’s class; has the size, length, ball skills, and awareness to warrant a mid-round selection for a team which predominantly plays zone coverage, but leaves a little bit to be desired as a tackler and has athletic limitations which may cause him to struggle in man coverage against opposing receivers.

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