CB Sidney Jones, Washington*

6’0” – 186 lbs. – 4.47

Started twelve games as a true freshman, then spent two more seasons with the first team before declaring for the draft. Has solid height for the boundary, but just average length and bulk. Lines up on the left side of the defense, predominantly from press-man looks. Has a smaller frame but plays the game with a physical temperament, whether that involves bumping opponents at the line of scrimmage or taking on blocks. Feisty player with a good feel for routes and who was very respected by opponents, rarely being targeted during the games reviewed. Can place his hands and stick close to opposing receivers when playing man coverage. More of a fluid mover than a particularly fast or explosive one. Has quick feet which allow him to match an opponent’s release; fast enough to stay in the hip pocket when running down the field with opponents. Doesn’t give up much separation out of breaks; looks comfortable defending against double-moves as well. What testing he did receive were on patterns such as posts or shorter throws over the middle. Can be outmuscled at the line or at the route stem versus stronger defenders, which may make him susceptible to some anticipatory, quick throws. Tendency to give up the inside on some inside breaking routes could be an issue against bigger receivers who are capable of shielding defenders from the ball. When playing off, is able to plant and drive pretty well on spots, whether in order to break up a throw or to come up and defend the run. Excellent ball skills, with soft ands and good timing. Willing to take on blocks, with an impressive anchor and positioning to funnel runners back inside. Will attack the football in the run game, both in terms of “biting the ball” or attempting to strip it when he’s in position to do so. Can hit ad wrap but doesn’t have much stopping power and may need to add more functional strength to his game. Ruptured his Achilles’ during pre-draft testing, which will significantly hurt his draft stock. A player with a very good natural feel for the position and who boasts some of the best man-coverage skills in the draft due to his competitive temperament, feel for routes, loose hips, and quick feet, traits which should be more than sufficient to overlook his merely adequate strength, length, and speed. Would probably be a first-round pick had he not sustained a ruptured Achilles’ during pre-draft testing, but is probably more of a second-day pick at this point. Looks like a future starter.

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